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Delavan Hall of Fame

Annual Nomination  

Nominations will be accepted through July 31st.

Submit nominations by

  1. Website online form requires a Google Account.
  2. Email completed form to [email protected]
  3. Mail completed form to the Delavan Historical Society.

The purpose of the Delavan Hall of Fame is to honor individuals whose accomplishments, impact, contributions, innovations, and successes in life deserve praise and recognition. Do you know of a leader who has impacted our community?  

Perhaps you know an innovator at work or church.

How inductees are chosen: A panel of independent judges will convene to review all nominees and select up to 15 honorees for this year’s induction.  Nominees not chosen this year can be resubmitted next year for consideration.

What happens if you are chosen to be inducted into the Delavan Hall of Fame?: Your name will be added to the Delavan Hall of Fame Plaque that hangs in City Hall. Your entry will be published online and in the local paper.

Your nominee must fall into one of the following categories:

  • (1) A resident or former resident of Delavan, living or dead.
  • (2) An individual that works or worked in Delavan, living or dead.